TASM and States definition in 14.00


TASM and States definition in 14.00

We have been using Viewpoint and TASM for a few years now, on both VRR12 and V2R13.10.  We are about to stand up our new production box, which is running V2R14.00 and I noticed that the Viewpoint view of TASM seems to have chagned.  There is no longer a STATES bubble next to the General bubble, to click on and create States yet the Sessions panel still shows Tabs that refer to Query Sessions by State and Utility Limits by State.  

Are States no longer supported or is there a different place to alter/create them?

Thanks for any insight you may have in this later version of TASM/Viewpoint on 14.00.


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Re: TASM and States definition in 14.00

Do you mean query session state?

BTW .... its not V2R* anymore .... its Teradata 12 and Teradata 14. Teradata changed its versioning from V2R6.x onwards and moved to Teradata xx. versioning.