TDWM / TASM rule set changes/modifications ?


TDWM / TASM rule set changes/modifications ?


the question has already been asked, but I can not access the answer ...

Once again I ask the question : "How to find out TDWM / TASM ruleset changes/modifications ?"

=> such as the rulesets, names/descriptions and creation + actives dates, using tdwm tables, or others ?

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Re: TDWM / TASM rule set changes/modifications ?

in most of the TDWM tables you have the remove date and removetime columns. Also they have the created date and create time columns. the TDWM.RuleDefs table has the rule sets(RULEID) that are defined, the date/time of creation, the date/time of removal(changes made will be accounted to a non zero value), the rule name and other fields. if the value of remove date/time fields are 0 and 00:00:00 then the rule is currently active. The Dates are defined in the integer form ex: 1140107 indicates 17th Jan 2014.