Teradata Viewpoint 14.10 Release

Teradata Viewpoint is Teradata's strategic and innovative SOV (single operational view) for Teradata DB, Aster, and HDP Hadoop systems management and monitoring that enables Teradata's Unified Data Architecture (UDA).

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Thank you Shrity


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Hi Shrity,

we are partially using stats manager to run collect jobs and rest of the stats we run as part of ETL flow, i want to use stats manager for all type of stats that are refreshed / collected in system, problem i see with stats manager is that it doesn't allow us to add our own stats which are already defined on tables as collect job will only run stats which are analyzed by stats manager on its own, is there a work around for this? can i add stats on my own in collect jobs through stats manager so they can be scheduled and refreshed? i was unable to find any such feature and is there a plan to add this feature in future?