VIEWPOINT System Health - Focus on CPU figures


VIEWPOINT System Health - Focus on CPU figures

Hi all,

About System Health portlet and CPU Utilization i need a focus on CPU System:

observations of very high level of CPU System vs CPU User was a little bit surprising at first, because nothing in activity could explain that.

When requesting ResusageCPU table for the corresponding period it seems possible to recompute quite the same high ratio of CPU System by adding three components,

  • CPUIdle          Count the time in centiseconds the CPU is idle and not waiting for I/O.
  • CPUIoWait      Count the time in centiseconds CPU is waiting for I/O completion.
  • CPUUServ      CPU time in centiseconds; CPU time spent in executing kernel system calls or servicing I/O and timer hardware interrupts.

Is that right ? 

CPUUServ was expected to be the only contributor in CPU System utilization, but it doesn't fit ...

If all components are treated as "CPU System" things become plain.

Thanks for details,  


PS: i guess i misplaced my previous post in "Developper zone", l'll drop it.

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Re: VIEWPOINT System Health - Focus on CPU figures

The CPU Use for System in the System Health Portlet is derived from ResUsageSPMA table, with the metric representing the % of CPU resources spent in PDE user services processing. The value is computed as CPUUServ/(Number of CPUs * Sample Rate) from ResUsageSPMA table.


Re: VIEWPOINT System Health - Focus on CPU figures


Thank you for answering,

what is "sample rate" ?

is it the rate fixed in Monitored Systems/Monitor rates/Node Vproc Sampling (and expressed in seconds)? 

anyway ... Happy new year !