Viewpoint Calendar Invalid Date or Time


Viewpoint Calendar Invalid Date or Time


I'm using Teradata running on Amazon EC2.

When I try to add an event in the Calendar I'm getting an "Invalid Date or Time" error.  It can be either on the start date or the end date.  Here's the format which is in the control.

12/04/2012 8:00 PM

12/04/2012 9:00 PM

After I received this error, I read the Teradata Viewpoint Configuration manual and followed the instructions to set the server time using NTP.  Well, chkconfig didn't have NTP in it so I used the other method which is in Linux to run YAST timestamp.  Here I changed the timezone to Eastern from Pacific and let all the other settings the same.

I stopped and restarted the data collection service (DCS) after changing the timestamp information.

When I was looking at the date I was told the system date format in Linux is DD-MM-YYYY or 04-12-2012.  

I've tried this in both Chrome and IE9.  I usually use Chrome because I'm not sure if IE9 is supported yet (can't get things like Canary Queries to work).

When I first open the Calendar the date is one day earlier, but when I add an event it is populated with the current date.

Here is the current timestamp on Teradata.

Current TimeStamp(6)
2012-12-04 9:19:10.029 -06:00

What are somethings which I can look at to get this calendar piece up and running?  Thank you!!!


Re: Viewpoint Calendar Invalid Date or Time


It seems that I had to go up to the top right, click on Profile and change my timezone.  I picked Eastern at first and then changed to Pacific.  I'm not sure why I had to do this (might be a bug), but once it was done the Calendar was working fine.

It does seem that when I move the timezone back to Pacific time I get the error once again.

The Amazon EC2 linux server is set to Eastern and you can see the Teradata timezone offset above.  Hope this helps someone!