Viewpoint SSL Certificate error

Teradata Employee

Viewpoint SSL Certificate error

I'm trying to install an SSL Certificate in Viewpoint v14.01.00.03-b56 but encounter the following helpful error:

"Certificate Authority install failed.  Error: Failed to install certificate"

The file extension is .pfx, indicating it contains a certificate and a corresponding private key.  When I received the SSL Certificate I was informed I would need to contact someone internally (within the client organisation) to obtain the password to import the certificate.  To further underline this, when I double-click the icon on my desktop to import the certificate I am asked for a password.

I can't find anywhere in Viewpoint that allows for the input of a password related to an SSL Certificate.

Can anyone recommend a way of importing this certificate into Viewpoint?  Is there a way I can import directly to the Viewpoint server, avoiding the GUI?  And if so, will this screw up the metadata that drives the GUI?


Re: Viewpoint SSL Certificate error

Same problem here , but in my case version is Teradata Viewpoint V14.10.00.04-b38 and i know the cert file is valid , because i was able to import it into a 14.00 viewpoint server using a non gui procedure shown below:

TDExpress14.0.3_Sles10:~ # /opt/teradata/jvm64/jdk5/bin/keytool -import -alias my_alias -keystore /etc/opt/teradata/viewpoint/certs -trustcacerts -file companyCA.cer

The purpose if this is to use LDAPS for auth.

This required restart of the viewpoint server. Should we attempt the older CMD procedure instead if the GUI fails ? Please advise.