Where can i download the ViewPoint software?


Where can i download the ViewPoint software?

Our company just started looking into this product and my management want to look at the features and functions of this tool. Is there a place i can download a demo version? Can i use it against TD 13.0 for Windows Demo database?

Thanks for help.
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Re: Where can i download the ViewPoint software?


We don't actually offer a demo version of Viewpoint. The full on-line help that details all the feature functionality of the portal, administrative functions, self service portlets, teradata management portlets, and TASM portlets is available in PDF format. Most enjoyable reading at a URL near you:


If you prefer seeing Viewpoint "live", there are a couple options. At the upcoming Teradata Partners Conference, we will have Viewpoint and TASM booths for demonstration. If you prefer something more directed to your management, we can setup a webinar where we can provide a demo and answer whatever questions they may have.

If you're interested in the webinar, have your account team coordinate with me and we can get something setup.

Gary Ryback
Teradata Viewpoint PM