What's New In the Community?

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What's New In the Community?


How does the Community relate to other Teradata sites?
  The Community is integrated with many other Teradata sites including the new Support page, Teradata@YourService and Teradata.com. A re-design of Teradata.com and related sites is currently underway and we will be aligning with that re-design over the next several months. You should expect to see a tight integration between all of our support-related websites and the Community. 

Does my new community SSO login work on other Teradata Sites?
  The new SSO feature now works with the Community, the new Support page and Teradata@YourService. We are actively working to integrate other Teradata sites so one login will enable a user access to all information and functionality they need. Stay tuned!

Will downloads.teradata.com be migrating?
  For the time being, downloads.teradata.com will remain in the same place. You can access it via a link at the bottom of the page or www.downloads.teradata.com. Eventually the download pages will be re-designed and integrated into the new Teradata Support page.

Is the Aster Community being migrated?
  The Aster Community currently operates separately from the Teradata Community. We are now in migration planning to bring all of the great Teradata communities under one roof. In the meantime, you can access the Aster Community at www.aster-community.teradata.com.